Tuesday, September 4, 2012

To Preach of It: An Original Poem

i looked to you to
tell me i was beautiful
life was hopeful
to be faithful

i was grateful to have anyone despite
your shortcomings
late-night homecomings
the forthcoming criticism of everything i was or

ever would be
please i begged
be my rhett butler
my johnny castle with subtle dance moves

i'd be your sandy and change for you
be my french kevin kline
i'd be a sleepless meg ryan or
your clementine who'd never

erase you
until one afternoon you said
this came first
that came second and absurdly

i was and would forever be bronze
suddenly the going-ons and
sunday afternoon binges 
ways you infringed upon my essence

amplified to flamboyant degree
now if if our paths should ever cross
perhaps i should hug you, kiss you
cut through the polite shit that old lovers do

embrace you
race to tell you that it's
all because of you
i switched course

enforced a year of isolation
to learn myself 
be myself 
tell myself that I am beautiful

believe it
live it -- that I alone can make myself
and deserve to be

years later I am free
to teach of it
to preach of it to
each and every soul who seems to

think otherwise --
including you
I will shout it from the rooftops
talk of it nonstop -- because only

exhaustion comes from 
expecting the impossible from
anyone or anything 
but Yourself


The Mechams said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!